Daniel James

Hey, I’m Daniel.

I work in a language institute for Military Intelligence.

About Me

I have an MA in English Studies from the University of Sheffield, I have been a professor of English at Ulsan University, and I now work for the South Korean military intelligence in a language institute.


  • MA English Studies, BA English Literature, TEFL 120 hour
  • Instructor at KDLI (Korean Defence Language Institute) Joint Forces Military University
  • Visiting Professor at Ulsan University
  • Founder of teaching resource website, ESLHeaven.com

“Amazingly, despite the numerous challenges that Mr. James faced, he nevertheless gained superb student evaluations…Mr James is well known for his conscientiousness, diligence and eagerness and has always gone above and beyond our expectations with regards to his duties.”

— Lee Kwang Hee, PhD,
Director of Language Education Center
University of Ulsan

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